Creating a new business and having a website built is not the most difficult thing that I have done, but has taken longer than I anticipated.  This is partly because I have simultaneously been working on a number of other projects between April and June this year and also because I was keen to do other things over July and August, including cycling in the Loire and a trip to the New Wine summer conference.  But now, half way through August I am just about there, making final edits to the website and getting business cards printed.   All ready for whatever comes my way in the autumn of 2013 and beyond.

At this point I would like to give thanks to Andrew Glen and his team at TheTaxShop.  To Naomi and the team at Pink Sky Studios.  To Duncan, my son, who helped set up this website and of course to Kath who has had to endure the strangeness of having me working from home for much of 2013 so far.