So as I sit in my kitchen watching the rain come down, I think it is time for an update on Somnium.

From the beginning of October I started a two day a week interim manager role for Trinity Cheltenham.  The role includes overseeing Trinity’s ministries to vulnerable adults, families and kids.  I already volunteer a day or so a week to oversee operations and strategy.   This last word is key, because while I am providing day to day oversight, the primary objective for the next three months is to develop a new way forward for the church as a whole and for each of the three ministries that I have newly inherited.  Each of these is in a different place.  Kids is thriving, but is looking for new vision for the next phase of its ministry. Vulnerable adults is touching the lives of many people in need, but it wants to do more to restore and transform lives.  Family outreach has a lot to offer, but it needs to find ways to attract more of the families that it can help.  Workshops are under way and I look forward to journeying with the teams as we search for the answers.

During this time I am also exploring other opportunities.  I spent a really interesting 24 hours with Common Nonsense.  A great company with a solid Christian ethic,  an interesting product and many ideas.  But it is now faced with the challenge of when and how to grow, and how to deal with the operational and cultural changes that such growth will necessitate.  I hope they found the time I spent with them helpful in that process.

I look forward to seeing what other interesting opportunities emerge in the weeks ahead.