Church and Charity Credentials


David and Kath joined Trinity Church, almost immediately after moving to Cheltenham in 1991. David joined the PCC in 1992 and has been on ever since.  He moved to being Treasurer a few years later, before becoming Church Warden in 2001. He has been on the leadership team ever since.  David moved to working part time in 2004 and since then David has effectively been Trinity’s Operations Director as well as developing strategy and leading various projects for Trinity including building work and the creation of Trinity Cheltenham Trust.  In 2011/12 he undertook a project on behalf of New Wine to pilot the creation of a Church Support Network.  Kath currently runs the single parent ministries and more recently headed up family outreach ministries including a family centre that runs 5 days a week. More information on these projects can be found on the Drop down menu.