Church Support Network


Between 2011 and 2013, David worked with New Wine to pilot the idea of a Church Support Network.  The idea was to connect individuals in different churches with similar passions/calling through technology.  David worked with Common Nonsense to create a pilot website that initially allowed people to share thoughts, ask questions, start debates, share resources through a searchable library and publicise events. A number of pilots were created in areas such as kids, single parent ministries, finance and special needs.   The idea was almost universally welcomed, but in practice the pilot sites never reached critical mass and were not used.

The conclusion of the pilot was that the time was not right for a separate website to do this work for perhaps two main reasons:

1.People can do much of what was offered on Facebook, and given people are already there, Facebook groups are a more effective method of connecting people at this point

2.A resource library is very attractive, but the effort to upload sufficient material to give it critical mass is prohibitive.  In practice, people would rather point people at specific materials when they ask for it on Facebook, rather than upload it upfront so that people can find it for themselves.


The church support Network

The church support network