Trinity Cheltenham Trust

As Trinity was looking for more space and acquiring buildings, the future of the Church of England looked uncertain, with frequent disagreements and ongoing discussion of splits.  The leadership of Trinity wanted to set up a completely separate entity, that could own all the buildings separately from any Church of England structures, for the benefit of the future congregations who worship at Trinity.

David led the project to create this entity:

  • Trinity Cheltenham Trust is a company limited by guarantee
  • It is also a registered charity
  • It has a complex Governance structure, ensuring that the congregation retains overall control of the company, over the vicar and wardens of Trinity Church
  • It is registered for VAT and is allowed to trade
  • It owns all the buildings and leases except the main church building
  • Trinity Church is a customer, but it also has a number of other customers
  • It has a mortgage with Kingdom Bank
  • A lot of time and effort was spent in making sure that securing the ownership of the buildings did not have unforeseen consequences in areas such as tax.