Investment Management and Limited Liability Partnerships


David’s involvement in the Investment Management space started in 1997, with the project to create an asset manager from the internal investment operations.  David headed up part of the project which included the merging of some Unit Trusts and the conversion of Unit Trusts into OEICs.  Some of these changes had to be approved by a customer vote.  After this, David concentrated on creating a Corporate Pension business which involved both being a customer of and a competitor of, the asset manager.

In 2001/02 David worked on several workstreams in the project to sell the asset manager. This was his first serious venture into M&A work.

More recently David headed up a project to review the remuneration strategy for a separate part owned asset manager. With the current incentive scheme running out, a new incentive scheme was needed, both to retain management and also to ensure that the shareholder eventually made an appropriate return on it’s investment. This involved setting up an LLP and transferring all of the business to it. It also involved a new share type incentive scheme to achieve both management and shareholders objectives, ensuring that the business continued to thrive for the benefit of customers.

Such projects tend to be complex and unique, each one requiring a different approach, while at the same time applying good project management practice. Project involve a lot of third parties including:

  • Lawyersshutterstock_135420224
  • Accountants
  • Tax Advisors
  • Bankers
  • Other Shareholders
  • Investment Managers themselves