Organisational Structure


Both in his commercial and church life, David has often had to review and change organisational structures.  The need may come about to:

  • Create something new
  • Achieve particular objectives or a better focus on some KPIs
  • Reduce costs
  • Larger projects will most often require a bespoke and changing organisational structure.

Building a new structure is always a blend of designing the perfect structure your business/project needs and designing a structure to get the best out of the individuals who will be operating within the structure.

In designing a structure,  hierarchical, flat and matrix structures all have something to offer.  For Trinity Church for example, David introduced a matrix structure and then subsequently recommended a move to a more traditional  hierarchical.

David is particularly experienced at using organisational structure to allow an entity to  better achieve its objectives, by ensuring that there is a single person whose job it is to  achieve that objective.

David also has experience of creating legal structures to achieve particular objectives.